Enigma-  to maximise the potential of many brands by enabling to communicate effectively and consistently, through the use of creative and intelligent visual solutions. A multi-skilled design company that I am very excited to be a part of.  Working with top brands such as Vodaphone, Virgin Media and many more Check it out!

Preseli Partnerships- are a group of highly experienced coaching professionals who specialise in developing teams. At the heart of Preseli, it is all about getting people thinking differently, asking the right questions, networking successfully, building confidence and communicating together effectively.

Andrew Tilling the founder of Preseli was an excellent coach, a supportive friend and encouraging me to make things happen! Using their creative critical thinking skills to help businesses, yourself or any organisation to succeed. I would strongly recommend it- go to

another creative website…

Nathan Wozniak-studying illustration at UCA Maidstone…who has years ahead of him but is doing well. Check it out! 

Anna Milo- the dynamite who will strive to make music videos in a few years time…watch this space!

check out her mind to paper! (see Anna’s graphic art below)

And finally…Antonio Milo, it does exactly what it says on the tin! a CG Artist. Who always has a fascination with film, animation, digital art and games. (see his Legcar below!)


Here is something which has made headlines since 2008 The Eva Bee foundation a mental health voluntary organisation. Continuing to raise money through lots of great events for mental health charities see more details

Campaigning for improvements to services, removing stigma and giving people a voice.

Providing information on health services, medicines and charities-being informed is the key to moving forward.


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