Previous exhibition designs

Hello again…thanks for stopping by….

I would like to show you my first ever trade exhibition that I had designed for a company that I had a placement with for Leading Edge Designs in 2008. This is how and where my inspirations took off and had made me want to pursue a career as an exhibition designer altogether!

This I will show you is done using Rhino…this software used to be quite complex to me…however after many trials and errors and many sketches later here are some first 3D images which took 2 weeks…

I had to design a logo which was redesigned and changed the Eat-up logo from a simple boring one to how it was now…I modeled out the objects as well.

So here is the before image….(see below)

Japanese chopstick exhibition- EAT UP


AIM-To create an experiential space to promote various uses of chopsticks from Japan; to establish an exciting memorable connection between the audience and the brand. Encourage people to buy and recognise the product. To build a two side open space specifying at five and six metres.

SOLUTION– Selling Japanese chopsticks by introducing the basic uses and demonstrating to those who are unfamiliar with the product. Attracting customers and participants to use of technology available in order to select and choose. The audience will relate to the Japanese culture by eating and sitting just like the Japanese would normally eat. They will engage by watching and learning how to use the chopsticks with a small sample of free food.


Following up…I had decided to improve on my original image and made some changes….I am now using 3D studio max after many tutorials later. I hope that you can see the improvements.


This one in blue background as work in progress but that is just the start! : )


Here are the improvements made I have basically changed the colours, lighting, shading, enhanced the look and feel of the materials and had added an extra freestanding touch screens everything here you see I have modeled the objects myself….any constructive feedback is welcome as I am planning to make some changes soon. : )

Well here is another update…this time I had enhanced the resolution and changed colours…using 3D studio max and Vray..for more details and finished images see my portfolio page….Go on… know you want to! : )



3 thoughts on “Previous exhibition designs

  1. I liked the first one, It was more athentic and simple, and I wanted to sit down..
    didnt feel the same on the others… But I felt you did a great job…!! nice

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