Work in progress…first blog post!

This is my modular garden exhibition modelled and customised in 3D studio max….its currently work in progress as there needs to be plants, graphics and many other things to add yet. I had decided to design my own brief in order to improve and develop my portfolio outside my MA course.


To create an experiential branding experience to represent the brand Modular Garden.

The aim is to change the behaviour of the customers by raising awareness of the benefits of gardening, caring for the environment- through the motto of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Give customers a chance to discover with their senses to new products instead of being dictated.

The materials, structure, furniture etc will be environmentally friendly. (still yet to decide on what the sections are made of.) There will be a collection of plants that will be freestanding, hanging and placed on shelves.


This exhibition will have a ground and upstairs area featuring two stalls on opposite sides- on the left side it introduces the Reduce, reuse, recycle section with interactive screening and talk section to demonstrate and educate people.

on the right side- a growing greenhouse experience for kids to grow your own plants..or garden, featuring packages and a little garden pit for kids to take part.

Bespoke designs-clever sample space in the middle- middle section is where people get to collect and try samples of how many plants have been used- example-green tea, various other samples, small plant pots..vegetables that have been grown-

Function of the space:

The philosophy aspect of the exhibition:
Transforming  people’s gardens , Bringing their visions to life.

Size: 8 metres high for the section at the back with ground level and upstairs, whole area- 22 metres long in length and 20 metres in width.

Materials: Oak skirting board for the main floor, and upstairs wooden flooring. Curvy and angular furniture-environmental materials.

This was work in progress process(image before the above), when the logo was not put in place…I needed to work  on the lighting, refining the colours more. The paving didn’t have the effect that I was looking for however I did made some major changes after that…

Feel free to make any constructive comments or any feedbacks. I would be interested to hear your thoughts. : )

Introducing the new and improved Modular Garden trade exhibition stand. see more details and the full presentation on the portfolio page. Here is a taster…



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